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TSM Service is also specialist in cutting machines from several brands. We can supply new spare knives if needed.

The Sallmetall HDC 155 / 255 / 305 cutting machines are developed as high quality production machines with a fast pneumatic clamping bar for dust free cutting. Very easy operation under heavy load with different types of knife holders. The cutting technology used completely eliminates irritating dust, noise and fumes produced by alternative cutting methods. This is a big benefit when the machine is in the same area with laminating machines. The Heavy Duty Cutter for Signmakers & Printers up to 3 mtr. cut length can cut or score: DiBond, PVC Foamboard, Gatorfoam, Forex, Paper, Acrylic & more.

It is possible to use the machine in two positions, vertical to save space, or horizontal. In this case an extra control panel can be added to the machine for easy access.

High level components and build quality & low maintenance.

Sallmetall HDC
SFCM 155 / 255 /305
HDC 155 / 255 / 305
Neolt trim

These are the most common brands and types... not listed? Please contact us at or +31(0)6-23171131.