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Powertrim (several sizes)

The Neolt Electro Power Trim is the high-performance electric cutter, designed with the most advanced technological features and available in a wide range of cutting widths.
The availability of different sizes between 1.45 to 3.6 meters makes it the perfect complement to all operators of digital printing that operate superwide format inkjet printers.


Among the options the sheet-holder (in sizes up to 250) and the reel-holder. The “Special” version, available on request, comes with speed adjustment and the ability to select two cutting lengths, up to half-size or full-size.

Electro Power Trim has a robust rotating blade cutting head in hardened steel, mounted on a square sliding bar, and a fixed blade in painted stainless steel mounted on a reinforced cutting table.
Among the advanced features the horizontal output of the material on the back or into the waste collection container. The metal parts are painted with epoxy powders providing maximum resistance to cuts and scratches.
The standard version includes a stand for ground positioning with adjustable feet, the container for waste collection, the adjustable guides, a cutting-line fluorescent wire and the lamp for lighting the cutting area.
The sheet holder is also included in the 300 and 360 versions.

Video Neolt Power Trim

€ on request


IT 600

Seal IT 600 Laminators

Acost effective way to capitalize on profitable, large-format display opportunities, the Image 600 offers you full-featured finishing capabilities up to 61″ (155 cm) wide.  The Image 600 is capable of cold or heat-activated over-laminating and hot sealing.  Ideal for finishing ink jet, photographic and electrostatic prints.  The SEAL 600 offers pressure-sensitive mounting and heat-activated mounting and laminating; Heat-assisted, and heat-activated mounting and laminating; and hot sealing in one pass.


• High-release silicone rollers for easy cleaning

• Pneumatic pressure adjustment with fine tune control for a smooth finish

• Electric heat with digital controls for even heating and maximum accuracy

• Dial-in roller height adjustment for fast, accurate nip setting

• Vacuum feed table for flat, wrinkle-free feeding of digital prints

• Cooling fans for smooth output when encapsulating

• Swing-out supply shafts with brakes for easy loading and precise film tension adjustment

• Digital media roll easel for convenient roll-to-roll laminating

• Automatic upper take-up shaft for removing release lines

• Easy-to-use controls & foot pedal for hands-free operation

• Comprehensive safety systems with emergency stops and electric eyes

• Floor cart with wheels


• Maximum Working Width 61″ 155 cm

• Maximum Working Width (heated encapsulation) 140 cm

• Maximum Speed 3.1 meter per minute

• Maximum Roll Opening 29 mm

• Maximum Roll Temperature 121ºC

• Dimensions 198 cm x 81 cm x 127 cm

• Net Weight 251 kg

• Mechanical Requirements 2 CFM compressed air @ 100 psi, 0.25″ @ (0.6 cm) ID flex. line

• Electrical Requirements 240-380 VAC 50/60 Hz, 3 phase

• Maximum Power Consumption 7,200 Watts

€ on request


Image 62+

The Seal Image 62 Plus Laminator offers new operators an uncomplicated approach to post-print finishing. Designed to be
user-friendly, the SEAL Image 62 Plus is ideal for mounting, laminating and encapsulating images up to 1550 mm in width.
Its versatile temperature range accommodates both low temperature, heat-activated films and higher temperature films.
The SEAL Image 62 Plus is an excellent mid-range laminator that meets your post-print finishing needs without finishing your budget.

• Touch-pad control panel with preprogrammed temperature, speed and substrate settings
• Automatic front and rear take-up shafts for release liner removal
• A swing-out, in-feed table that makes material loading fast and easy
• Swing-out supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading and positioning of materials
• Silicone rollers for effortless cleaning
• Simple film tension adjustment
• L.E.D. setting indicators
• Roll-to-roll operation (optional)
• Temperature settings: 50°C, 95°C and 120°C
• Built-in cooling fans to cool film for a smooth film surface during heat-sealing applications
• Pull rollers that insure consistent film tension for a flat, even finish
• Accurate electric temperature control for even heating
• Sturdy, stand-alone design with built-in casters and leveling feet
• Quite motor operation
• Anti-static pull roller that eliminates static build-up
• Foot control for hands-free operation
• Extensive safety system with emergency stops, electric eyes and a flashing light/buzzer proximity alarm
• Meets International Safety requirements

Image 62 Plus brochure

€ on request


1650 Neolt Neolam

The Neolam PE is an entry-level solution for cold laminating and mounting. Available in several sizes, This machine features an easy-to-use pneumatic system to adjust the nip opening and upper roll pressure. The Neolam PE can handle media up to 30 mm thick and its running speed is 4  mtr/min. Optional add-ons include an electric roll holder and an electric rear take-up system.

€ on request


MT 250 knipschaar

Cutter, 250 cm width. For Cardboard, aluminium, PVC and other rigid materials. In good condition,

€ on request